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These days there are great blessings for women in Western society, as we have access to incredible opportunities and choice. The flip side of this is that many of us are trying to be all things - mother, carer, professional woman, partner, lover, household project manager, family activities coordinator (to name but a few), while ensuring everyone else is happy and sorted. As women, we also go through many life changes associated with hormones, our reproductive system and child rearing that we're supposed to deal with gracefully and get on with things. And while doing all this, we're held to a standard of maintaining impeccable grooming, fahionista style, the body of a 14 year old and ageless beauty! The expectation level is ridiculous, whether it's our own expectations or the expectations of others. No wonder so many of us feel like we're 'failing' somehow (not to mention feel completely exhausted) and are filled with guilt and shame when we can't handle everything.


Under the pressure of these busy lives we lead, it's very easy to get caught up in the 'everyday' and become stuck in the same old routine. And whatever stage of life we're in, with precious little time for genuine self-care (I'm not talking about getting a manicure here), it's easy for things to get out of balance and for us to lose sight of our true selves. As we run on autopilot, we can push down our emotions, ignore those niggling feelings that tell us something's not right, and disconnect. 


How are you feeling about your life right now? Here's a few questions for you to reflect on -

Are you living the life you'd imagined? Is it your dream life, or do you even know what that means for you anymore?

Do you feel a kind of disconnect with the essence of who you are? Is your soul screaming out for something more? 

Do you feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed on a regular basis? Do you get frustrated easily?

Do have have physical health issues that you can't seem to resolve?

I know what it's like to be living a life that doesn't 'fit' with who you are anymore, and to still be trying to make it fit. In my case it not only made me unhappy emotionally - it made me physically sick. Mind, body, soul - they're all connected. My body and soul were screaming at me to make changes, and finally my mind listened. It took lots of healing and gradual change, but I found my beautiful life. I'm now on a mission to help other women do the same. I want every woman to be living a life with passion, that honours their soul, and brings them joy and fulfilment. We all deserve that, and we can all have that, because here's a little secret I'll let you in on - your life can be whatever you want it to be! There are no rules for how you live it. Truly! Everything is a choice, and you can make a different choice today. YOU are entirely up to YOU. Your life is in your hands.

To help you make changes, you'll need to look at the deeper questions -

Are you living a purposeful life? Do you know what your purpose is?


What does happiness mean for you? Not what society tells you happiness is, but what really makes you happy!

What would you spend your time doing if you could do ANYTHING you wanted to do?

What would you be prepared to let go of in your life to find peace and happiness?

If you could change one thing in your life today, what would that be?

If you feel like your soul is crying out for change, but you don't know where to start or what to do, I'd love to help you. This is not about you living life like I do. It's about helping you find what works for you personally, assisting you to set goals, and giving you the tools to make positive changes. Your path is as individual as you are. So come on, beautiful! Make an appointment with me today and let's get started. Because... 

...if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.

I'm located just north of Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia and can conduct sessions in person or via Skype. You can contact me to arrange a time, or book online.

Beautiful Life

Private Consultation

During this one-on-one session, I'll help you reflect on where you're at right now and evaluate what's really important to you, so we can go ahead and start creating your beautiful life. This session crosses between counselling and life-coaching, depending on what your current needs are. The essence is proactive, so if you're not ready to make changes yet, we'll start by sorting out anything that's holding you back. You might have an idea of what you want to work on, or no idea at all. I'll be guided by you, and give you guidance!

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